Stylish Blue Bedroom Color Schemes

If you are looking to modernize your bedroom color scheme, you may want to consider using different shades of blue which are already starting to be very attractive options. If you can pair your preferred blue with plain white or similar, then this is the perfect style for a bedroom, whether it’s for kids or adults. Neutral and pastels are also preferred colors in color schemes for bedrooms, but shades of blue are really appreciated for giving a stylish and modern look.

Paint the ceiling night-sky blue

There’s no hard and fast rule that says your bedroom ceiling has to be white. Thinking of the ceiling as a fifth wall and painting it a deep blue instead will help you feel cocooned in a calming, restful sanctuary.

Here are some of the main ways you can combine elements to create a really stylish blue color scheme:

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Include an intense tone

If you want to create a really striking feature wall, you may want to use some more intense hues, such as rich sky blue, navy blue, or royal blue. If you can bring out lighter colors in other areas of the bedroom, this can go a long way toward creating a really eye-catching color scheme.

Introduce coastal stripes in blues, greys and neutrals

A painterly striped wallpaper in soothing blues and greys echoes the calming feel of the waterside – perfect for creating a welcoming place of escape. Mirror the wallpaper design with striped accessories. Stick to horizontal stripes and soft ombre effects. The painted floor echoes the deep blue sea, while textures like rustic driftwood, woman sisal and soft, crumpled linen build ambience.

Use patterns

If you want to create a more impressive style for the bedroom you can go a step further than using plain walls, you may want to incorporate patterns into the decor, which are very effective in creating depth and style. A professional solution for adding a choice of patterns stems from the role of high-quality wallpaper in various shades of blue, which so if chosen wisely will create the perfect area of ​​the room to attract attention.

Combine lupin and cornflower blues

For a gentler look in a bedroom scheme, team a deep indigo blue with purplish coneflower blues, adding textural woods and plenty of soft textiles for a comfortable, lived-in look. Add a vintage feel with a heritage print from William Morris or Liberty. Small bursts of lemon yellow will make an instant but not jarring impact.

Let blue be the accent

If you like lots of blue tones and hues, but want to limit your design choices to a more conventional look, you can paint the main wall a lighter color and then incorporate blue in the details. Stylish accent pieces in the bedroom may consist of curtains, floor rugs, chairs, beds or pillows.

Work around a duck egg feature wall

A pretty wallpaper was the starting point for this dreamy duck egg scheme. Accessories in shades of grey, biscuit and lavender give a more grown-up look than pinks. Mismatched lamps and bedside tables ensure the overall scheme isn’t too contrived.

Combine several shades of blue

To create a more unique color scheme, you may want to combine several shades of blue for different walls in the bedroom. If you are able to create a stylish look with different hues as well as intensities in a shade of blue, this is very useful for creating the ideal look.

Embrace a classic combo of white and midnight blue

Combine traditional tile patterns with fresh white walls as well as co-ordinating painted furniture. For this look, more is more. Layer Moroccan-style patterns, from geometric latticework to decorative Persian knots. The only rule is to stick to a strict color palette.

Overall, if you can take the right inspiration from interior magazines or similar materials, then this can really help you decide on the ideal blue bedroom to suit your particular style preferences.

Mix deep turquoise with green accents

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If you have a small bedroom don’t feel like you have to stick to pale blue shades. Take the plunge and create a room filled with gemstone colors such as turquoise and emerald. To make sure this room is filled with plenty of natural light as well as sumptuous colors, keep the decadent wallpaper to one feature wall at the head of the bed. Paint the rest of the walls in a more neutral shade of blue and decorate with green as well as blue wall decorations.

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