Some Ideas of Bathroom Wallpaper Decorating

Color Ideas For Bathroom Wallpaper Decorating

Bathroom wallpaper can be found in a variety of colors and is an affordable alternative to updating your space. When you are going to choose wallpaper, you should consider the existing design and style of your room. Bathrooms can attract moisture and humidity, so it is very important to find wallpaper that is resistant to these conditions. With many designs and patterns available to choose from, you should take a few samples to help you reach your final decision.

Make waves with a subtle seascape wallpaper

A subtle wallpaper goes a long way to enhance a bathroom decorating scheme. In a softly hued room you don’t want a wallpaper to overpower, it should add pattern but without making the room feel busy. Waves are the ideal pattern, as they set the scene of tranquil beach life.

It turns out that bathroom wallpaper comes in various colors and designs. For those who have a small bathroom, it is advisable to try to put wallpaper on one wall while keeping the remaining walls neutral. You may find that the easiest wallpaper you can apply is the self-adhesive type. Practically uncluttered and requires only water. You just need to wet the back of the wallpaper with water, apply it to the wall, then let it dry. You must remember to allow sufficient time before you attach any accessories to your bathroom such as a picture or a mirror.

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Bring hothouse style to an all-white suite

There are few better ways to add color to a bathroom than with wallpaper. A tropical design like this can be complemented with real plants and towels in accent shades of aqua and pink. The pattern was actually designed by the bathroom’s owner – if you fancy having a go yourself, you could use a website like Bags of Love.

Stylish Ideas For Bathroom Wallpaper

Basically, the bathroom is one of the smallest rooms in a house but it is a room where you can experiment with bold colors like orange and red. You can try wallpapering the biggest walls in the bathroom with your favorite design or pattern. Geometric lines and shapes will enhance your bathroom design. If there is a separate room in your toilet, you might consider wallpapering just this room.

Mix wallpaper with wood panelling

Create a luxurious country feel in your bathroom by using a muted floral design in soft grey tones. Wooden wall panels can be used in the areas where water is likely to splash, and are in keeping with a traditional look.

For a neutral bathroom, you can use light colored wallpaper such as beige or beige. These colors can work well to open up a space. Also, they can coordinate with most bathroom fixtures and accessories.

Clash patterns

Mixing and matching bold patterns has given this bathroom a retro feel – just check out the wallpaper versus that dramatic floor tiling. If you’re looking to channel 1970s chic, we advice you stick to a similar palette of orange and olive green. But use a lot of black and white, too, otherwise it could get too overwhelming – not ideal when you’re trying to unwind in the bath.

Another option that you can consider is fake stylish wallpapers. This wallpaper comes in a variety of colors and is so forgiving that you don’t have to be perfect when it comes to matching the seams.

Combine wallpaper and tiles

Tile up to the point where splashes might reach, then wallpaper to the ceiling. It’s a smart look and is more subtle that papering a full wall – if you’re unsure about taking the plunge, so to speak, this might be the way to go about things.

Frame a window with pattern

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This pretty damask style wallpaper looks gorgeous next to this slipper bath – and the huge candelabra adds to the opulent feel of the room. Flickering candles are all the lighting you’d need for a long, relaxing soak in this tub, which looks fit for a queen.

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