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As the home continues to grow, the importance of an efficient kitchen becomes increasingly clear. Kitchen island are very useful to have in the contemporary kitchen. While not a must-have, they take the kitchen to a whole new level when it comes to maximum utilization of the entire kitchen space. They add an attractive appearance and also provide convenience and versatility of food for people. No wonder more and more people are incorporating it in their designs to take full advantage of its features and benefits. These accessories come in various styles and designs, consider the following ideas:

Implement Plumbing and Electricity In Kitchen Island

Instead of installing a giant brick structure in the center of the kitchen to house your groceries, you can incorporate electricity and plumbing into the kitchen islands. A good island should always have everything within reach. The sink should be near you to cut fruit and vegetables. Having an electric stove built in is also a great idea.

Drop in a dedicated dining solution

Design a kitchen island that feels inviting for dining by dropping a lower height worktop, meaning you can use standard dining chair rather than high bar stools – a great idea for family kitchens. Use the same color cabinetry for the dining portion of the kitchen island but drop the height by just enough to make it useable as a dining table. Using an a contrasting worktop to the remainder of the island helps to make its purpose standout even further.

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Add Open and Closed Shelf Design

This is another feature to consider which ensures that everything is within your grasp. Open and closed shelves have their respective uses. Open shelves can be used to store plates and dishes while cutlery or large pots can be stored in closed shelves. Most kitchens come with a dishwasher installed, but if that’s not the case, you can easily install one inside. This will allow you to store dishes in it apart from the rack.

Go for scale

Choosing the right size to scale is key when it comes to planning a kitchen island, because while you want it to be the focal point you don’t want it to be overbearing on the layout as a whole. Many seem to think the bigger the better. Wide islands are sure to make an impact, however they’re not the most practical solution because you have to be able to reach the middle when cooking.

L Shaped Island

If you have a lot of kitchen space in the middle, you can install an L-shaped island with a countertop to match the rest of the kitchen. Not only will this add style to your kitchen, it will also allow the island to be used as a spare dining table.

Drop in a kitchen sink

A large sink in a kitchen island might be a little controversial, but is a great solution if you’re struggling for space and looking for smaller kitchen ideas. In this kitchen, the space that the sink would have taken up against a wall worktop has been transformed into much needed storage leaving the sink in the easily accessible island.

The Big Island Is Perfect For Family Dining

If you have room to burn, installing a large island would be perfect for your home. In addition to all these features, this dining table is also suitable for the whole family. They provide a lot of storage and functionality and usually come with a dishwasher, sink, and cabinet space.

Dazzle diners with gold

Make a freestanding island stand out all the more with the addition of a luxe finish. A touch of gold on the underside helps to make the island take on a role of function and fabulous form.

Design For Open Kitchen

Contemporary kitchen island are great for open floor plans. Placed directly in the middle, so they can easily control incoming traffic at large gatherings. They also include a raised dining area, sink, dishwasher and drawers. It is also useful as a serving surface for large groups or a dining room for small gatherings.

Make it as multifunctional as possible

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Look closely at this classy, understated kitchen island and you’ll discover it serves a multitude of purposes – a place to wash, prep food, with a neat breakfast bar to eat at with tucked-under stools. There would be plenty of space to add a hob if you wanted, too.

The options are endless and just depend on your budget, taste and kitchen space. A kitchen island is a unique structure and even a simple one with a decent countertop can enhance the look of your contemporary kitchen while making it more functional at the same time.

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