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There are dozens of different design styles to choose from when decorating your living rooms. One thing to keep in mind when decorating your living room is that you need to feel comfortable in the room and like the style as you are likely to be spending a lot of time indoors. Here are different design styles for living rooms to consider for your home.

Contemporary Design Style

The contemporary style for the living room has very neutral colors and elements with a bit of color and design here as well as there. For example, you might have a sleek dark gray sofa and then have two purple pillows on it. The lines of the room should be soft and round as well as the room should be very minimalistic. Some people who use contemporary designs for living rooms stick to monochromatic colors and then maybe just have a splash of white to break up the colors.

Use silvery tones

The striking rough-luxe wall mural brings texture and movement to the space. The metallic highlights of the silky silver rug and wall covering, reflect the light, giving this glam living room even more of a lift. A plush velvet sofa in a deeper grey, punctuates the space and layers on the luxe. Combining touches of blush pink with the cool grey creates grown-up sophistication.

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Cottage Design Style

The cottage design style for the living room has many colors with graceful patterns as well as lines. When you think of cottage style, you probably think of plaid flowers and pastels for the pattern. A cottage-style living room should look cozy and inviting. Cozy, plush furnishings with puffy pillows are a great look for the style of this room. Incorporate colors like beige, pink, light green, as well as light blue into your decor.

Use grey as an accent

If wall-to-wall grey isn’t for you, inject modern anthracite accents. A sofa in warm grey is not only a fail-safe style choice, it’s a practical option too. Tie in other features around the room such as fireplace surround, door or windows. The floor to ceiling wooden framed windows are a striking feature, but the grey picks them out against the neutral walls and highlights the shape and detailing.

Romantic Design Style

If you want more of a formal style living room, you opt for a romantic decor for the room. The living room in a romantic style is decorated in light as well as airy fabrics. Expect to have lots of white, beige, silver, as well as other pastel colors used in the decor. A touch of flowers adds an extraordinary touch to a romantic style living room. A light-colored rug or a few decorative pillows are enough patterns to add charm to the room. Furniture should be smooth as well as light and not overbearing.

Cocoon yourself with a warming grey

Colors that whisper rather than shout are a must for rooms designed to promote relaxation. Stable Grey’s warm make-up also means that it works as well with a terracotta or blush as it does with a pale or stonewashed blue – or indeed, a forest green. That versatility comes in handy if you like to switch up soft furnishings on a regular basis.

Eclectic Design Style

If you are having trouble choosing just one design style for your living room, feel free to pick a few different ones that are your favorite. The eclectic style combines several different design styles into one room. For example you might have furniture that looks like a cottage-style room but then your walls look more modern. There are certain ways you should go about unifying the look. Choose a common color, texture, or pattern to make the room look more cohesive.

Take the color from the floor to ceiling

Grey tones kick off with Farrow & Ball’s Pavillion Gray Estate on the walls and even the ceiling, to create a box of cocooning color. Moving down to a large grey corner sofa and light grey carpet. This key color is also picked up in statement floor rug. We say you can never have too much grey!

Whatever design styles you choose for your living rooms, you have to make sure that it matches what you want from the room. If you are looking for a more formal room than a romantic design it might be for you. If you want something more casual, try a cottage-style room. Remember to choose a design style that you can live with and don’t need to change after a few months.

Combine colors

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Take the intimidation out of a grey living room color scheme by warming up this look with oh-so-fashionable copper accessories. The rose-gold undertones have a lovely way of adding a glow to the scheme, making it warm and inviting. If you don’t want to go grey-all-over, consider creating a winning color combination by teaming grey with pink.

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